To Take A Fall

from by Dreadwvlf



I don’t believe that anyone is here for a reason
I don’t believe that we’re all just spokes in a while
So why are we too scared to grow graceful at all
Or is a wasted life just one who refuses to take a fall

I don’t want to go down in a low flying plane
For a pig who won’t even remember my name
I don’t need your medal or a plaque on the wall
If it’s my life to waste and refuse to ever take a fall

I don’t need redemption when there’s none to redeem
And I don’t need a gilded cage to know what it means
I can judge myself and hear my own call
Well you’re nothing and you’re no where
If you don’t refuse to ever take a fall


from Here Comes The Night, released August 4, 2017
Michael Mazochi - All



all rights reserved


Michael Mazochi Los Angeles, California

Michael Mazochi is an eclectic songwriter and producer who is constantly striving to try new sounds while blending the old in new ways. Michael is tirelessly working to act as a mirror for our ever changing world. Whether the mirror is giving us a direct reflection of the times or some sort of warped fun house version of that reflection is a question that remains unanswered. ... more

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